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Web Application Project vs Web Site in Visual Studio

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Web Application Project vs Web Site in Visual Studio

Web Application Project vs Web Site

Converting a Web Site Project to a Web Application Project

Web Deployment Projects vs Web Deployment Tool

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Web Deployment Projects

Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects RTW – Available Now (5/26/2010)

ScottGu: VS 2005 Web Deployment Projects

MSDN Magazine: Web Deployment Projects

Download Center: Visual Studio® 2010 Web Deployment Projects - RTW

Web Deploy (aka Web Deployment Tool aka MSDeploy)

(Only works with Web Application projects, not Web Site projects)

Video: Web Deployment Made Awesome: If You're Using XCopy, You're Doing It Wrong

Web Deployment Made Awesome: If You're Using XCopy, You're Doing It Wrong

Overview Post for Web Deployment in VS 2010 (9/22/2009)

ScottGu: VS 2010 Web Deployment


Microsoft CRM Online versus On-Premises

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6 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online Versus On Premise Differences

  1. CRM 2011 Online does not support custom workflow dlls
  2. CRM 2011 Onpremise – doesn’t have the Internet Lead Capture Feature
  3. CRM 2011 Online makes it impossible to database restore to a specific date/time
  4. CRM 2011 Online limits you to 200 custom workflows and 200 custom entities
  5. CRM 2011 Online requires you to use the Windows Live ID (AD integration is coming, but it is not here yet)
  6. CRM 2011 Online does not offer an email router — this must be locally hosted
  7. Other comment: No Report Scheduling Wizard in CRM Online

  1. There is a limit of 300 processes (workflows) and 300 custom entities in the online version.
  2. Plugins are supported in CRM 2011 online, they are running inside a Sandbox (service), means they cannot access local files, etc. The Process limit number is 200.

Comparison between CRM 2011 online vs. on premise

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 OnlineMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise
Robust marketing, sales, and customer service featuresYesYes
Integration with MS OfficeYesYes
Storage limit5 GB (more for surcharge, not announced yet??)Unlimited
Database restore to certain dateNot availableAllowed
Full Database exportNoYes
Offline synchronization with OutlookYesYes
Full database importSpecial tools neededVarious options
Mobile device GUI supportYesYes
Maximum amount of custom entities200Unlimited
Maximum amount of custom workflows200Unlimited
Possible to use custom workflow assembly?NoYes
Custom reports based on RDL files?NoYes
LoginMust use Windows LiveIDDomain Login
Country specific localizationLanguage supportedYes
E-mail routerNo (must use own server)Yes
Minimal commitment12 monthsNo
Payment methodMonthly by credit cardBased on agreement

Microsoft CRM 2011 Differences in Deployment Options


Online(Microsoft Hosted)



Multiple Organizations

NoYes except with workgroup licensing

Upload Customer Reports .rdl files

Yes. Customer reports can be created with the Report Wizard and in Visual Studio using an extension that enables connecting to and query against the web services.Yes. Custom reports can be crated with the Report Wizard and Visual Studio or any reporting tool capable of producing an RDL file
Host Customer Web ApplicationsNo. Web resources all only straight HTML, not .ASPX or other server-side Web applications, to be hosted within the CRM Site. Azure is the recommended hosting method for custom Web application.Yes. Installations can include a folder for ISVs within the web root, which can be used to host custom Web application
Full – Trust Plug-insNo. Plug-ins deployed must reside within the sandbox service. Only partial trust is allowed.Yes.
Read-only User LicensesNo. Security Roles can be edited to limit access but this doesn’t affect the license costYes. Read only licenses are available and cost less.
Device LicensesNo. One paid license for each userYes. Organizations where a device is shared can acquire a special licenses for this.
Database Size LimitsYes. May vary with partner hosting. Microsoft offers 5 gb storage with a per gb fee for increaseNo
Number of Custom Entities200No
Number of Plugins/ Workflows200No
AuthenticationLIVEID. Claims-Based AuthenticationClaims-Based Authentication, Active Directory
Internet-Facing Deployment(iFD)YesYes
Move Deployment OptionsYes can move from online to enterpriseNo but some partners might offer this service



Log Parser and IIS Logs

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Analyze your Web Server Data and be empowered with LogParser and Log Parser Lizard GUI - Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - 9/4/2011

Parsing my IIS Log Files with LogParser 2.2 to learn more about Blogs stats from NewsGator and NewsGatorOnline  - Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - 1/21/2005

Log Parser 2.2 - Microsoft Download Center

Log Parser Lizard GUI

Log Parser Plus Web Site - Queries to help you analyze logs

Log Parser Plus Utility - version 0.3 released - James Skemp's StrivingLife - 9/7/2009

The benefits of using a file for Log Parser SQL queries - James Skemp's StrivingLife - 9/26/2010

A brief overview of IIS 6.0 and the W3C extended log format - James Skemp's StrivingLife - 11/3/2007

W3C extended log format fields and IIS 6.0 - James Skemp's StrivingLife - 11/6/2007

Log Parser script: Percent of status codes across all hits/requests - James Skemp's StrivingLife - 10/1/2007

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